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    Best Electronic Cigarette

    E-cigs started to hit the market in the UK around 2006.

    Miniciggy were among the first to bring you this amazing product. Since then we have continued to be at the forefront of refinement and innovation in the E cigarette market.

    We brought you the first Cartomisers , combined refills and atomisers. This means that every time you change your refill you are getting a new atomiser. Compared to the old system of separate atomisers and refills, this was a big advance in consistency of quality. This guarantees you a consistent experience every time you use your Miniciggy.

    Heavy metal particles have been found in other e cigarette brands.  We were among the first to ensure that in the construction of our Cartomisers, there is no possibility of the transfer of any unsafe substance to the user. This has been a very important move towards a safe way of smoking. We can guarantee this. Take care that this will not be the case with any other e cigarette brand you consider.

    Miniciggy are proud to be the first and only E-cig supplier to offer free replacement batteries for life. You buy a battery. We will continue to replace it free of charge. No battery lasts forever.

    We are the Electronic cigarette supplier with the lowest price and highest quality Cartomiser refills.

    Having been in the industry from the start we know every aspect of this life saving product. We want to make it known and obtainable to every smoker out there. One day everyone who smokes will smoke electronic cigarettes.

    We can only tell you that we do everything possible to ensure that ours are safe.

    - No heavy metals are used in the Cartomiser construction.
    - The most advanced and cleanly produced liquids, containing the most hypoallergenic products available.
    - Nicotine itself has not been proven to be in any way more harmful than caffeine. It is however poisonous if ingested through the digestive system. This is why Miniciggy do not make or sell manually re-fillable devices. It is not a great idea to have little bottles of highly poisonous liquids about the house.
    - Traditional cigarettes will kill you. But mostly they will kill you because of the tars and carbon monoxide derived from the burning process. In an electronic cigarette there is no burning process. Therefore no tars and no carbon monoxide. Just nicotine carried in an inert liquid carrier.

    Choose carefully the Electronic cigarette you use. You really do not want to be inhaling the stagnant water of a pond next to the Yangtze River.
    Trust Miniciggy one of the longest established producers of Electronic cigarettes in UK Established 2006. We are ex smokers and dedicated to bringing you the finest and most refined product together with the very best customer service and attention.

    In harmony with the electronic cigarette being an environmentally attuned product. It has always been our policy to keep packaging to the minimum, thus further reducing the products impact on the environment.

    So let’s just pause for a minute. Here I am after so many years associated with electronic cigarettes assuming you know what they are and how they work. We’ve created a page offering a full explanation of how an e cig works and how they have evolved to what they are now
    I have been smoking for 20 years I have tried absolutely everything known to man to try to stop I smoked around 30 – 40 cigs per day I saw the miniciggy website and thought if I cant stop I can at least cut down especially when I'm at work or in the airport that dreaded 2 hours wait for your plane to arrive and then the journey itself. You would not believe it! I liked the miniciggy so much I stopped smoking it has been 5 months and I haven't had a cigarette not even one. Thank you
    Miss Cheshire, Bradford
    Thank you once again for your quick response & your replacements for faulty items. I must give praise to you & your company for your product & after sale service it is second to none. I am registered disabled & was smoking 50 to 60 tabs a day but since I started using your e-cig (DEC 2009) I have not so much as had one draw of a real ciggy & its all down to your product. Thank you so much
    D. Critchlow, South Shields
    I have smoked for 53yrs and tried I don’t know how many times to stop smoking, from courses to acupuncture patches cold turkey you name it I have tried it, these e cigs are for me a godsend as I knew I wanted to stop and they have helped me do so, just a fantastic product, best of all when out for a meal I can sit back and relax and smoke my e ciggy. Amazing. Thank you so much.
    Valerie, London
    This is the best company nothing is too much trouble for them I have been dealing with them for 2 years now and thats how long I have been tobacco free so if you want to give up smoking then this is the place to contact. Thank you mini ciggy you are amazing
    A.Norris Hertfordshire