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excellent customer service ecig shopThe Miniciggy Brand has been established since 2006. Miniciggy.com/Miniciggy is a trading name for Red Octo Limited who are responsible for the website.
We are professional suppliers of electronic cigarette products.
So why is Miniciggy the best place to buy your electronic cigarette?
Miniciggy are world leaders and innovators in the field. Miniciggy are responsible for many of the great improvements seen in electronic smoking since it's re-invention in the early nineties.

Miniciggy have always been staunchly against the rise of the refillable device and its backwards looking technology.

Our distribution and storage expertise

Electronic cigarettes for sale on a shop shelf have a relatively short life.
We have to ensure that the whole chain from manufacture and packaging to delivery to your door is perfectly managed and monitored so that the product you receive is fresh and perfect every time.
This takes a great deal of efficient and carefully planned logistics.
All products are tracked at manufacture and constantly made fresh for you. They are then distributed to you in strict date order and within the appropriate time, so that you are afforded the maximum shelf life with your product.
Many electronic cigarette products are warehoused for too long and shelf life is not correctly considered.
Buying from Miniciggy ensures that you always receive the freshest cartomizer refills every time.

Customer service

Our customer service is second to none. You will find our email replies are almost as quick as on line chat. We respond immediately to any questions you have or any difficulties you may experience. We dispatch all orders placed before 2.00pm on the same day for delivery next day.
Someone is always available to help you, our valued customer with any questions or information you may need along the way.

The best product

The Miniciggy range of electronic cigarettes is the best, the cleanest, the freshest and the most modern in the industry.
The lifetime battery guarantee is unique in the industry.
Miniciggy have a long track record for delivering the very best product and customer service in electronic cigarette sales.
Our reputation and customer feedback is the envy of the industry world wide.
Buy from us and assure yourself of the very best product and service at all times.


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