Miniciggy Sticks to its foundation Principles

Miniciggy was founded in 2006 from the basic need to switch from convenient but deadly use of burning tobacco over to a less harmful vape.

Early first customers of Miniciggy were often reporting that it was too Heavy, not light like a cigarette, bit too big and cumbersome. They couldn’t hold it between two fingers comfortably and balance it on their lip.

So, a few years later, and slowly, the market turned, but it didn’t go the way that smokers wanted it too, instead it went down a different road. The Vaping device seemed to get a lot bigger, more clouds, more complications and all in the name of “fun” and “Hobby”

(And that’s actually not a very large device!)

Now its 2017, and 80% of smokers still smoke. The turn in the market, or the type of device the industry decided to push hard, has seemingly failed to convert enough smokers.

Smoking tobacco is easy and convenient. You set fire to it, breath it in, then when its done, you discard the waste.

Its a big leap to present a smoker with a large and complex device and then present a million different flavours to choose from. Present him with something small, convenient, satisfying, and you have at least some hope.

Refillable cloud blowing fun and hobby type devices were pushed by the big ecig players and now we are where we are today, most smokers believe that that nonsense isn’t for them.

Miniciggy believes that big refillables have their place, but long term, it just wont work. We were there when the market started to shift. We considered our options very carefully. At the heart of the decision we took was that we had no control over the potential danger that a child or teenager could come into contact with these little bottles of sweet flavoured liquid, and come to great harm. We didn’t want it on our conscience, we were trying to help people not potentially hurt someone. Financially it was a bad move, but we still think we made the right choice.

There is a reason big tobacco were not allowed to flavour tobacco with Candy flavours. It is our belief that it is just as unnecessary in an electronic cigarette.

We completely understand the psychology of wanting to make vaping fun. Its a big leap for smokers to admit that they don’t use tobacco for pleasure. A small proportion of tobacco smokers that can’t admit that they are simply addicted and seek extra fun and pleasure from the experience of vaping, will make the big complicated leap into refillables, trying the various flavours, different coils, amps, ohms, wattage, making bigger clouds, etc etc. It becomes a hobby. We get it, but 80% of smokers can’t be bothered with it.

Its not just Big Tobacco that produce small cigalike devices. Miniciggy are Unique, being the only independent Cigalike manufacturer in the world which does not take part in the refillable market.

Big tobacco make inferior devices on purpose. They don’t really want the other 80% of smokers that have not switched, to switch. Big Pharma owned ecig companies don’t really want to stop selling gum and patches either. The producers of eliquid in various different flavours have got their niche, but its just a small niche in a big tobacco market, which is exactly where Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and also Big Government would like it to stay.


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