Here’s what you could have bought

Opting for Ecigs doesn’t just rescue your health, switching can save you money too.

According to, the pack-a-day smoker can save around $1,200 per year by vaping. That’s a whopping £777 a year – so imagine the savings if you AND your partner quit tobacco and switched to e-cics. Oh, and not to mention that e-cigs are actually way less harmful for you than tobacco cigarettes as found by the UK’s Department of Health.

We’ve worked out what you can buy with this amount as a little incentive to kick the habit, and we’ve even figured out how you can make sure you save that money along the way – without dipping into it before the end of the year!

So what could you get if you made the switch solo?

Three Months
After 3 months, you could afford a Michael Kors shoulder bag from luxury fashion retailer NET-A-PORTER. The shoulder bag would set you back £140, but after 3 months on e-cigs you would have saved £194, meaning you’d still have plenty of change left over for a night out too.

Six Months
After 6 months, you’d have enough to buy an Ipad Air at £319 from Argos, and still have a little for your pocket with your £388 change from e-cigs. Ka-ching.

Twelve Months
When you make it to the twelve month mark, you’ll have a mega £777 to play with which could buy you a European city break for two, a great way to mark 12 months of being tobacco free.

How to make sure you save
But how do you make sure that you keep your leftover change for a year without spending it? If you smoke a pack a day, we suggest you pay what you would have spent into a paypal account every time you would have bought a packet of cigarettes.

This could be done on a weekly basis, and you can dip into the fund to purchase your e-cig equipment and liquids. The amount left over is your savings, and a great reward for kicking a dangerous habit for good – and ditching harmful cigarettes.


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