Electronic Cigarette Etiquette

Smoking Ecigs in public places is legal. Ecigarettes contain nicotine, but there is no burning – and only odourless steam is produced.

The health advantages of e-cigarettes over tobacco smoking have won over celebrities such as Lily Allen and Kate Moss, but what’s the correct etiquette when smoking indoors in environments such as the office, or at dinner?

If it’s not harming anyone else, is it okay?

Split opinion
Body language expert Judi James tells the BBC “People should tread carefully. Even someone putting an unlit cigarette in their mouth can upset people nowadays” she says. “Anyone wanting to smoke an e-cigarette at work should inform colleagues first what they’re doing.’’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18734753)

However, Simon Clark, director of smoking lobby group Forest, says e-cigarettes are perfectly appropriate for restaurants.

“I cannot see why you shouldn’t. They’re giving off a bit of water vapour but it’s nothing to concern anyone.”

A recent survey on Ecigarette etiquette, called the 2014 American E-cigarette Etiquette Survey found that people felt differently on Ecig smoking depending on the environments. (http://goo.gl/aeEcbL)

The study showed that 63% of people didn’t mind if someone smoked an ecig around them, but this figure changed depending on the circumstances;

1) 58% of respondents approved of allowing e-cigarettes to be used at sporting events
2) 47% in shopping centres
3) 45% restaurants and bars
4) 35% in an office
5) 35% on public transportation

So what are the do’s and dont’s?

To make sure you don’t cross the line into unwanted territory – here are our top tips for ecigarette etiquette.

1. Be respectful
Always ask people in the immediate vicinity if they mind you smoking an Ecig around them. Most people don’t, but it’s polite to check – and let them know that it’s actually an electronic cigarette as opposed to tobacco.

2. Keep away from children

Electronic cigarettes are meant for adults, so don’t vape around children. Some parents might feel a bit uneasy about it, so best to avoid vaping around them.

3. Try stealth vaping
Stealth vaping isn’t as shady as it sounds – it just means vaping by purposely creating small amounts of vapor. If you’re in a busy place, it will no doubt be appreciated by those around you.

4. Don’t use on public transport
On your commute back from work? Don’t vape on public transport, wait until you get off at your stop. It’s already crowded and stuffy, and it’s one of places the public are most likely to have a problem with it.

5. Ask the owners
If you’re unsure about a business’s policy on Ecigs is, ask the management before you start smoking.

NB: There are places where it’s legal, but still unpopular and decidedly poor manners – such as the cinema. Surveys find the cinema to be one of the places people find it most offensive, so it’s best avoided. (http://goo.gl/PGGLqi)


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