The E-cigarette goes to Parliament, an inside job!

And only for Strangers!

Until very recently the seat of our government had decided, in their infinite wisdom, that in the auspicious Houses of Parliament, the use of E cigarettes, should be abandoned to outside of closed doors. Despite the simple fact that the use of the electronic cigarette has the potential to save fifteen million lives, Parliament had decided it should be treated with the same disrespect as the killer cigarette. I wonder why this was the case. Of course not being truly privy to the thinking (If that is indeed the appropriate word) behind what parliament does vis-a-vis the electronic cigarette, we can only speculate on the reasoning.

Speculating is fun so let’s go ahead and do that. Best clue is to follow the money as always.
Here’s what I have come up with;

1. So far Parliament (or any other government for that matter ) have not come up with a reasonable way of taxing the e-cigarette. Of course it is subject to VAT, and this alone provides very considerable revenue. Nothing however when compared with the massive tax revenues derived from traditional cigarettes.

2. Given then that despite the massive potential to save lives, a parliamentarian must consider that he cannot run a country with a massive and significant drop in revenue, such as would result if every smoker turned to the Electronic cigarette. He will certainly not at this stage want to be seen to condone it.

3. So imagine the scenario if in the middle of a debate in Prime Ministers QT an honourable member pops up with a retort, e cig in his hands and then the next day, the same minister is obliged to direct that the use of these dreadful things in public places will encourage 5 year olds to smoke real cigarettes!!!

I think we have it already. There is no way at all that any government can be seen to condone the use of the Electronic cigarette, not until they have found an excuse to tax it the same way as a traditional cigarette. This of course is a terrible dilemma for them because as time goes by more and more research seems to support the view that this electronic cigarette has huge life saving potential. Dear me I really wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, must be a terrible balancing game between looking after the public health interests and relieving them of their hard earned cash. This is probably why the need for nicotine among our Parliamentary overlords, and of course their desire to protect their own health has resulted in a recent and sudden turn around.

It would appear that honourable members are now allowed to use their e cigs in their offices and in the Strangers Bar

What is the Strangers Bar you may ask

Well the strangers bar is a bar pen only to Members of Parliament, and people directly invited by them.

So a win win for the members. They can advantage themselves of the electronic cigarette and save their own lives, without having to go out in the rain and cold and without being seen in public doing so.

I think they would call this a win win situation

To sum up

Is the e-cigarette allowed in Parliament?

Yes but only in private


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