Vaping: No Smoke Without Fire

Vaping is rapidly becoming part of the language both here in the UK and across the Atlantic. So much so that it expected to be “Word of the year” for 2014.

If we use an electronic cigarette we vape or we are vaping. So much does the electronic cigarette world want to divorce itself from smoking that this new word is gathering more and more momentum within our language.

Why is using an electronic cigarette not considered to be smoking?

Smoking is associated with danger, ill health and even stupidity. The whole notion that someone would do something on a daily basis, which is so seriously damaging to their health is not in any way compatible with those addicted to nicotine who have chosen a safe and completely socially compatible way to indulge in their drug. Nicotine when inhaled in vapour form is about as bad for the human body as a cup of coffee. It has always been the manner of delivery which is in itself intrinsically harmful. This is possibly why users of electronic cigarettes would not want to be considered as smoking an electronic cigarette. Smoking indeed would be a very inappropriate terminology in any case, as there is of course no smoke without fire and in an electronic cigarette there is no fire!

The smoke like vapour is produced without combustion and therefore without the production of CO2, one of the most harmful gasses associated with cigarette smoking. A by-product of this combustion is the dangerous and carcinogenic tars released by the tobacco during combustion, not to mention the very many harmful and dangerous chemicals added to tobacco to assist the smooth flow of combustion in a cigarette.

When the nicotine, contained in propylene glycol (An inert food additive) is heated by the atomiser in an electronic cigarette the temperature reached is far below that required for combustion, but high enough to vaporise the liquid. This vapour is then inhaled allowing the nicotine to be absorbed through the lungs in exactly the same way as with a normal cigarette. This gives the Vaper the same satisfaction as he or she may get from the harmful use of a traditional cigarette, but in a relatively harmless way.

So let’s hear it for the vapers and those who chose to vape instead of smoke.

No smoke without fire and massively less harm in vape than smoke.

It is no wonder at all that new terminology has been adopted for something which promises to save more lives than any single invention in our time. We should be applauding and patting vapers on the back. Remember, they are addicted to nicotine, an addiction established to be stronger than heroine. Let’s be pleased that they have found a way to satisfy their addiction in a manner which not only does little or no harm to them, but absolutely no harm at all to those around them.

Vaping: the new word for 2014 and a word associated with saving lives.


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