E Cigarettes and Health

One of the main concerns of people switching to using electronic cigarettes is health. There is little doubt that traditional cigarettes will kill you. There is equally little doubt that Electronic cigarettes or E cigarettes will not.

The harm from smoking

The harm from smoking in very simple terms is derived almost entirely from the burning process.
Tobacco is rolled into a paper sleeve, various chemicals are added to achieve the desired burning speed.
When one inhales the smoke from these, one is inhaling huge amounts of carbon monoxide, this is extremely poisonous in many ways and highly destructive to the cardiovascular system. At the same time tar deposits are inhaled and the residue of this is left in the lungs of the smoker. This causes a huge number of medical problems for the smoker. Details of the potential problems which include cancer are very well documented.

In an e cigarette there is no burning process. Therefore no carbon monoxide is produced and no tar deposits are present. Instead the liquid, made up of water, nicotine and Propylene Glycol ( An inert food additive) is vapourised. The vapour containing the required amount of nicotine is inhaled. Nicotine itself has not been proved to be any more harmful when used in this way as the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

There is no measurable health benefit in using an E cigarette when compared to not smoking at all. But when compared to smoking traditional cigarettes the health benefits are enormous.

You will feel healthier and fitter almost on the first couple of days. You will no longer smell of burnt tobacco. You will no longer inflict noxious fumes on those around you.
There is no doubt at all that eventually everyone will smoke this way. There is no doubt at all that e cigarettes are already saving millions of lives.

Buy your electronic cigarette starter kits now and save your life.

It may take a little time to get used to using an e cig instead of a traditional cigarette. As a smoker you will know quite well how the addiction thing works. You are addicted to nicotine and your brain, in addiction takes over. If you even just change your brand of traditional cigarette, your addicted brain will immediately tell you, that something is wrong and you may not get your much needed nicotine from this slightly different brand, which only tastes very slightly different.

When you switch to e cigarettes, it will seem even more different, however you will be getting the same level of nicotine in this much safer way. At first your addicted brain will tell you, this isn't right. A few weeks of perseverance and you will soon be used to it. Surely to save your health this is worth the effort.

When you try your first e cigarette, remember that it will take usually up to a few weeks before the addicted brain is accepting that this is an Ok place to get the nicotine it needs.

Start now and keep it up. If you are having problems talk to us. This is what we are here for.



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