Refillables and E Liquid

You will not find refillable devices nor E Liquid on sale here. Major Changes to the refillable Market are due in May 2016. Miniciggy always have complied.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Research has shown that the E liquid used in refillable devices frequently comes into contact with the hands. The nicotine is then absorbed through the skin and can cause an overdose of nicotine.

2. The liquid used for refillable devices does not remain fresh. It is not possible to keep E liquid fresh for more than 24 hours if not completely sealed. Our cartomisers are intended for use within 24 hours and then replaced by a fresh sealed cartomiser.

3. It is very important that you sense consistency every time you use your Miniciggy. If not, by the nature of addiction, you will very quickly return to normal cigarettes.

4. Small children are at great risk from the E liquid. Both through skin absorption as well as the potential for them to imbibe. Even having some of the liquid on your hands is not safe for small children. The effects can even be fatal.

5. The Atomisers on refillable E cigs need constant replacement. It is actually quite difficult to assess when they should be replaced. The best way forward is clean, fresh and sealed cartomizers.

For the above reasons you will never see refillables on sale at the Miniciggy.

We believe that refillables and eliquids are a major health hazard waiting to happen. We suggest you take our advice and don't get tempted by suggestions that refillable devices will ever be a satisfactory alternative to a cartomizer which has been carefully constructed in clinical conditions and filled with a perfectly measured quantity of e liquid which has been matched perfectly to the output of the battery and atomiser. We take a great deal of care and not a small amount of science to produce a consistent and satisfying electronic cigarette.

A refillable device is commonly sold on the basis that it produces more vapour. As an e cigarette user you do not need more and more vapour, you need the right amount of vapour with the right mix of air. We call this correct carburation. In our research we have tested over 100 refillable devices. Not one of them has shown itself capable of producing an evenly measured dosage over a reasonable period of time. Most are crude devices which have a wick hanging in the liquid to supply the atomiser. None of them have any realistic system for cleaning residual evaporated liquid. After time this residual liquid makes the nicotine dosage higher and higher. This is not a tenable situation for long term use.


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