Why we offer only Tobacco or Menthol flavour ecigs

This is a question we hear often. People frequently tell us about all the crazy flavours offered by ecig suppliers.

They are nicotine delivery devices, not crisps!

Salt n Vinegar, cheese and onion, prawn cocktail !!!

Why offer only Tobacco or Menthol flavour ecigs

Do you ever remember seeing Benson and hedges tomato ketchup flavour Cigarettes? No I didn’t think so. This is because they never existed.

If you are going to get off traditional cigarettes permanently and stay on life saving E cigs, then you need your e cig to emulate a traditional cigarette as much as possible.

The addiction process is very clever. The brain is operating on automatic and requires neither conscious thought nor input from you. It will know where it gets the nicotine it needs to feed its addiction and will subconsciously guide you towards its goal. The brain recognises the taste of you usual cigarette. You may remember that when smoking traditional cigarettes, even changing brands caused some feelings of anxiety accompanied by the desire to revert back to your usual brand. This is because the brain picked up even a relatively subtle difference in flavour and started to get the idea that this may not be the best place to get its much needed nicotine.

These subtle changes will be accepted by the brains addiction department in a reasonably short time. However messing around with major changes in flavour could set up the impression that, linking to more long term memory stores, that e cigs are not able to reliably supply the needed nicotine. We believe therefore, on fairly firm psychology thinking that flavours are not good. The ecig should taste as closely as possible to your traditional cigarette if it is going to provide your brain with the security to keep using it. We find among our customers a very high rate of retention from reversion to traditional smoking. We believe that this is because we offer only tobacco flavour and Menthol flavour. We believe that Menthol flavour ecigs are valid because many of you will have been smoking menthol flavour cigarettes in the past.

Aside from the very clear psychological addiction reasons there is one other very good reason for not producing candy and fruit flavours in electronic cigarette production.

We believe that this would make the electronic cigarette appealing to children. This is absolutely not something we want.

We have to say then, that if you want crisps, buy crisps. If you want something that will satisfy your addiction for nicotine on a conscious and sub conscious level stick to Miniciggy product, because we have thought about this very seriously and for very many years. This we believe is one reason we have been so consistently successful in keeping people off killer cigarettes.


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