Electronic Cigarette Extra Battery

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Electronic Cigarette Extra Battery.
Lasts 80% longer than the regular!
Only 8mm Longer than our Regular Miniciggy Battery
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Electronic Cigarette extra battery. Lasts 80% longer and is only 8mm longer than our Regular Miniciggy Battery

The Electronic Cigarette battery will give you maximum life between charges.  It will charge in around one hour and give you many hours of use. 

Remember our batteries have a lifetime guarantee.  If your battery starts to under perform in any way, please return it for a free replacement.

Miniciggy want your experience to be as hassle free as possible, no mess, no fuss and free replacement batteries, we're the best!

Many Full Time users use two or three batteries to complete a daily usage cycle. 

However many batteries you buy, you will only buy them once.  They will in the future be replaced free of charge.

More quit FULL TIME using Miniciggy, because we make it easy.