Miniciggy Starter Kit

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Our exclusive Now includes £10 worth of refills!
Try the best electronic cigarette experience today.
It contains TEN cartomizer Refills. Two High, Two Extra High, Two Medium, Two Low, Two Menthol. These are the most refined and contamination free Cartomizers available and contain only the purest cleanest ingredients. Each cartomizer refill is the equivalent of one pack of twenty cigarettes.
You will find them remarkably satisfying and a great emulator of the traditional cigarette experience which you will no doubt be used to.


It contains TWO Miniciggy batteries. This when fully charged will give you many hours of continuous use. It is also replaced FOC, forever. That’s right you will never pay for the replacement of a battery. When it has reached the end of its useful life, return it for free replacement

The kit also contains a USB lead which will allow you to charge your battery at any available USB point.

We have kept the price of this electronic cigarette starter kit to an absolute minimum. This will allow the maximum number of people to take the step towards safer nicotine use and freedom from the severe health risks in traditional smoking.

Here are five reasons to choose this electronic cigarette starter kit over others.

  1. This is the Best Value Electronic cigarette starter kit on the market.
  2. It comes from the longest established electronic cigarette manufacturer in the UK, with the longest experience of supplying a satisfying experience to many 100s of thousands of satisfied users.
  3. This Electronic Cigarette starter kit contains our permanent free battery replacement promise. You will never have to buy expensive replacement batteries. (No re-chargeable battery lasts forever)
  4. This starter kit contains our High strength Cartomizers. These cartomizers have been refined over many years to offer the very best emulation of the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. This gives you the most smoking-like experience and therefore the best chance of continuing with Electronic cigarette use, rather than returning to dangerous traditional cigarettes.
  5. You are buying from the Ecig starter kit supplier with the fastest delivery and the longest proven record of great customer service.