i am 70yrs and had been smoking all my life4yrs ago i found out i had a lung disease thats when i started with e cigs took me a while to find one that satisfied my needs until i came across MINI CIGGY. AND would reccemend anyone to this wonderfull alternative to smoking.foreever gratefull. graham.

graham cornell

I am sitting typing this with the "cigarette "in my hand. Have smoked for 50 years - God am I that old - and this is my first attempt at giving up and this cigarette is marvellous - recommend it to all. My boss at work told me that her father-in-law stopped smoking 60 a day with your product and also sings its praises. Well worth the money.

Gay Neale, Durham

Mini Ciggy are the way to go, tried the lot patches etc and always slipped back, been having these now for two years and not a pang for a real smoke. Delivery system is brilliant always the confirmation e mail and always arrive within 2 days. I live on the Isle of Skye so that is faster than Amazon !! A brilliant service and company

G Pritchard

Hi just a note to let you know I am now on my10th week without smoking with the help of my ecocigarette.2 of my friends have now bought them and are on
2nd week and 3rd day. It is a very good idea to give business cards with the order I have been giving them out in work and a few of my other friends are going to try them to cut down and then stop. Thank you again for encouragement.

Frances Campbell


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