• I have been smoking for 20 years I have tried absolutely everything known to man to try to stop I smoked around 30 – 40 cigs per day I saw the miniciggy website and thought if I cant stop I can at least cut down especially when I'm at work or in the airport that dreaded 2 hours wait for your plane to arrive and then the journey itself. You would not believe it! I liked the miniciggy so much I stopped smoking it has been 5 months and I haven't had a cigarette not even one. Thank you
  • Thank you once again for your quick response & your replacements for faulty items. I must give praise to you & your company for your product & after sale service it is second to none. I am registered disabled & was smoking 50 to 60 tabs a day but since I started using your e-cig (DEC 2009) I have not so much as had one draw of a real ciggy & its all down to your product. Thank you so much
  • I have smoked for 53yrs and tried I don’t know how many times to stop smoking, from courses to acupuncture patches cold turkey you name it I have tried it, these e cigs are for me a godsend as I knew I wanted to stop and they have helped me do so, just a fantastic product, best of all when out for a meal I can sit back and relax and smoke my e ciggy. Amazing. Thank you so much.
  • This is the best company nothing is too much trouble for them I have been dealing with them for 2 years now and thats how long I have been tobacco free so if you want to give up smoking then this is the place to contact. Thank you mini ciggy you are amazing
  1. Electronic Cigarette
  2. Buy From Us
  3. AreThey Safe?
  4. The Technology of the Electronic Cigarette

Miniciggy Cigalike Electronic cigarette.The Cheapest Cartomisers on the Planet EVEN including postage!

Miniciggy are one of the very first UK brand producers of electronic cigarettes. The Miniciggy Cigalike provides its user with the world’s closest experience to smoking tobacco. No other device can even come close to the Miniciggy vaping experience. We have developed our latest fourth generation cigalike e-cigarette into a world beater. 

  • FIRST to bring you the Cartomizer. Simple, No Mess, No Fuss, No Leaks.
  • FIRST to offer LIFETIME battery replacement Free of Charge.
  • FIRST to remove all heavy metal contaminants
  • FIRST to use regulated carburetion for a smooth, consistent vape Every Single Time.

 Worlds Cheapest Cartomisers EVEN including postage!

You’ll understand when you’ve tried the Miniciggy. Money Back Guarantee if you don’t agree.

Buy the best today and try it tomorrow. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Miniciggy - The Masters of Simplicity

Find out more here - How do e-cigarettes work?

More Quit FULL TIME with Miniciggy

  • We have the best product. Miniciggy electronic cigarette is the safest, most consistent and most reliable E cig available. It also has the most cigarette like flavour, a flavour which is exclusive to Miniciggy.
  • Free replacement batteries. Battery life is finite, a battery will take only so many re charges and then it will start to fail. We cannot change this for you, it is how batteries are. What we can do is replace your used batteries Free of Charge forever. Same goes for chargers and other ancillaries.
  • Delivery and no fuss secure purchase
  • We are supply specialists and have many years experience in safe timed storage- No old or outdated stock, everything is time monitored.
  • Rapid delivery- All orders received by 2.00pm are sent the same day, for delivery next day
  • Secure and safe payment systems.
  • Buy from us with complete confidence and enjoy our second to none customer service.

Ok let’s look at what is doing the real harm in a normal cigarette and see how that compares to an electronic cigarette.

The Burning process

- Real cigarettes - When tobacco is burned in a real cigarette among other thing, carbon monoxide is produced. This is inhaled by the smoker and is highly damaging to the cardiovascular system, Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas.
- Electronic cigarettes - There is no burning process, therefore no carbon monoxide is produced.


- Real cigarettes - When the tobacco is burned a thick heavy tar is produced. This tar clogs the lungs and breathing passages of the smoker
- Electronic cigarettes - No tobacco is burned therefore no tar is produced.


- Real cigarettes - Many chemicals are added to the tobacco of a real cigarette in order to enhance the smooth burning and control the speed of combustion. Many of these chemicals are believed to be poisonous.
- Electronic cigarette - Only highly inert substances are used
- Electronic cigarettes are the safest way to use nicotine.
- One day everyone will smoke this way.

Find out more here - Is nicotine harmful when used in an electronic cigarette?

Why are Miniciggy better?

Three things matter more than anything else in an electronic cigarette:

Lithium Ion batteries are potentially problematic things. We have all heard of phones and laptops exploding. The major problem is the charging cycle. Miniciggy chargers are set to charge a little slower than most. That said they charge quickly enough. This slower charging is crucial to the safe and trouble free charging of batteries.
The electronic control devices in Miniciggy batteries are set up to give a consistent voltage throughout the usage cycle. This gives you a consistent flavour and nicotine level throughout the batteries cycle.


An electronic cigarette in essence is a very simple device. A battery heats a liquid and turns it into vapour.
This liquid consists of Propylene Glycol (an inert food additive, used for many years as both a food additive and carrier in Asthma inhalers, it is a very safe and well proven product) water, flavouring and nicotine (no research has yet indicated that the inhalation of nicotine is any more harmful than the caffeine in a cup of coffee)
It is important that the exact mix of this liquid is very consistent. Miniciggy take great care and have many years experience in the consistent production of e liquid. The foam carriers holding each cartomizer refills supply of E liquid is carefully placed so that at no time can it overheat and give that awful burning taste common in cheaper alternatives. We are confident that no refillable device can give the consistency of satisfaction provided by miniciggy


Carburetion is the mix of air and vapour. The air intakes on a miniciggy battery and cartomiser are very carefully measured so that the mix of air and vapour is correct and very much alike a real cigarette. Our electronic cigarettes are inspected very regularly and this ensures that our manufacturing is consistent and that your Miniciggy will always perform in the same satisfying way.

The miniciggy research team are the most experienced in the industry. This guarantees you the best, the safest, the most satisfying electronic cigarette.


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